Purchasing the Right Size Generator

In order to ensure uniform and reliable power, the correct size backup power generator must be considered prior to the installation. While generators can be variable in sizes, the typical residential generator is the size of an AC condenser unit. More importantly, one must consider the kilowatts (KW) capacity for the expected needs. This can be difficult to the average consumer as different models can vary in size from 6 kW to 22kW on the smaller end and 100kW to 150kW. Generator transfer switches are available in automatic and manual. An automatic switch gives you hands-free switching from outside utility power to generator power, and back to your main utilities once the power is restored. A manual switch offers you more control, but of course you will have to find the generator and the switch during a power outage in order to turn it on.

To create the backup system which is optimal for the desired uses, we consider your individual power needs. This means calculating the specific requirements of your appliances and how much power they will need. Industrial and business generators can be larger.

Wrong Size Warning

Although it may be considered a residence, if the property has multiple buildings, (outside kitchens, basketball courts, tennis courts, arenas, barns, swimming pool, spa, additional garages, etc.) the proper size unit should be carefully selected. If an under-sized standby power unit is installed, this can put an unnecessary strain on the unit and will affect the effectiveness.

On the other hand, it is also not effective to be over-sized for the property. Over-powering the residential electrical panel and wiring could cause damage and possibly a fire. The risk of such damage is not always immediately known. When the power grid goes down and the generator engages, the surge from a unit that is over-sized can weaken the system a little bit more every time it cycles.

Store bought gasoline generators should not be connected directly to the electrical panel of a residence or business. The circuit breakers are all different sizes and capacities. Some may easily overload causing irreparable damage to the breakers and/or the electrical lines in the walls.

If you suspect your home has ever possibly been struck by lightning in a storm, call W&A Electric Service Co. immediately to have your electrical system thoroughly inspected for weak spots or line melt.

For these specific reasons, our professional staff of ARK Generator Power Consultants are standing ready to assist in the planning process, selecting the correct Kohler standby power unit, answer all concerns to provide a smooth purchase and installation experience and assure the purchase will deliver the results expected for many years to come.

Generator Placement

Our ARK Generator Services power consultants will be happy to help you determine the best spot to place or to locate your whole-house generator on the property. There are more factors to consider than just the aesthetics of the unit. Some factors in generator placement will include suggested manufacturer specifications, the location of the other utility lines around your home, and of course city or town guidelines. Often, home owners are desiring to hide the standby units behind landscaping or some fencing. This may or may not be the correct placement for the unit when all other factors are concerned. It must be regular access for maintenance is required and the unit will need to be placed on a solid secure surface, usually a concrete pad.

Generator Permits

After first steps are completed and the best placement has been selected, ARK Generator Power consultants are able to handle the necessary generator installation permits and inspections to save you inconvenience and uncertainty. We want to ensure that all parts of the installation of a standby generator go quickly, smoothly and correctly the first time. With our years of experience we are quite proficient in providing the powers of authority the correct information the first time we submit an application to avoid delays.

Residential Generator Installation

After a review of city or town guidelines and the manufacturer’s specifications, we will assess the best place for a residential generator installation and how large a generator will be required. While installing, we take care of every detail – all gas piping, flex fuel lines, and other materials, which may be necessary for the strongest efficiency of your system. During servicing we also provide our quality products so that your home backup generator is always consistently and professionally maintained.

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